Walthill Fire Station
The new Walthill Fire Station was completed in December 2013.
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Fire Station

Splash Pad
The splash pad was completed in Summer 2016. It’s a 65-foot by 65-foot area with a minimum of four water activities for kids to enjoy during the summer. Opens Memorial Day weekend and closes Labor Day weekend.

Splash Pad

Walthill Public Library
The new Walthill Public Library was completed in March 2017.
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New High School Gym


Photo Credit: Chad Fuller

Walking Trail
A walking trail has been constructed in the Walthill Public Park that starts from Main Street near Broughton Street while wrapping around the baseball field and ending at Main Street near Costello Street. The construction started in 2016 and was completed in 2018.

Solar Park
The Village entered into a solar construction contract with Graham Christensen of GC Revolt out of Oakland, Nebraska in December 2017 with the 70-kilowatt solar park being completed in February 2019.  The park consists of more than 225 solar panels supported by a steel and aluminum framed and is designed to contribute energy locally for the next two decades.  It's located north of the Evergreen Cemetery.

Solar PArk

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