Open Burning Ban in Effect

Per Village Code, Section 8-404:  Open Burning Ban;  Waiver;  Permit

A.  There shall be a statewide open burning ban on all bonfires, outdoor rubbish fires, and fires for the purpose of clearing land.

- $100 fine through Tribal Court;  no minimum with a $500 maximum through Thurston County

- Outdoor rubbish fires includes the burning of leaves, limbs, trees, or any type of trash - to be frank, just don't burn anything!

- Leaves, limbs and trees can be taken to the Village's tree dump - call Walthill Village Office to gain admittance (402) 846-5921, M-F, 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

- Regular household trash can be set out on Wednesdays for trash pick-up

- Unwanted household items can be taken to the landfill in Jackson, NE or wait to haul them to the dumpster during Spring/Fall Town Clean-Up

The Village of Walthill is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Equal Opportunity Employer.