New Trash Rates Effective on the October 2021 Utility Bill

* UPDATE 12-29-21 *
Starting with the October 2021 Utility Bill, the monthly trash charge will become $23.00 per the trash contract between King's Disposal and the Village of Walthill made on September 1, 2021.
- King's Disposal will be providing one 96-gallon trash bin per residence. If a residence is needing more than one, they'll need to notify the Walthill Village Office who then will notify the trash company. An additional $10.00 per extra trash bin will be applied to the resident's monthly utility bill.
- The 96-gallon trash bin provided by King's Disposal MUST stay with the property as it belongs with the property.
- The 96-gallon trash bin provided to a Landlord's rental property MUST remain at that rental property even if/when the current tenant moves out. If a tenant leaves and takes the trash bin with him/her, the Landlord is responsible for the replacement cost of a new 96-gallon trash bin.
- This change will eliminate the charging of extra bags, however, trash MUST be placed in the provided 96-gallon trash bin(s) and not on the sides in order to be picked up (trash bin MUST be the one(s) provided by King's Disposal). Any trash not in the bins will NOT be picked up.
These updated contract terms are made in an effort to help contain trash from being spread all over town by wind or animals.
Please know, King's Disposal has not raised its rates for 14 years.

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