NE Homeowner Assistance Fund (NHAF) Is Open!

NEBRASKA HOMEOWNER ASSISTANCE FUND (NHAF) IS OPEN! for pandemic-impacted homeowners

Basic Criteria

The NHAF is available to help Nebraska homeowners who have experienced or continue to experience a financial hardship associated with the COVID-19 pandemic after January 21, 2020.  The fund was established for the purpose of preventing homeowner mortgage delinquencies, defaults, foreclosures and displacement of homeowners.

In addition, the NHAF may assist with resolving property title issues to ensure a homeowner has marketable title to their property.  Homeowners must qualify under the NHAF income limits and will be required to provide certain documentation to support the application.

Income Limits

The NHAF will assist homeowner households whose combined income is at or below 100% of Area Median Income (AMI). *Visit to view the income limits for your county.

If excess funds remain after serving households in this income category, the NHAF may be revised and allow for income limits up to 150% of the Area Median Income.

Documents Needed

  • At this time, the following documentation is required:
  • Valid form of photo identification (such as driver's license)
  • Mortgage loan statement (your servicer, loan number and other information)
  • Primary residence verification (such as recent utility or phone bill)
  • Income verification documentation (such as most recent pay stubs or tax return)
  • Other documents to satisfy applicable NHAF requirements

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