Business Incubator Grant

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USDA Rural Development notified the Village of a successful grant award of $351,516.00 for the construction of a building to house 4 separate small businesses was approved.  The building will be a business incubator that will provide office and retail space for business startups by local entrepreneurs.  The actual type of businesses and the business owners who will occupy the new space have not been determined.  According to USDA grant requirements, 3 of the 4 business suites will be reserved for Native American business owners.  The 3,000 square foot building will be located on Main Street in the Walthill commercial district and will be constructed in 2019.  Eligible community members who may be interested in applying should provide their business plan to the economic development staff at the Walthill Village Office.

For more information, please call the Walthill Village Office (402) 846-5921.‚Äč

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